Hoof Zink 200 Gal


Footbath solution to treat and prevent the outbreak of hairy heel warts.

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More effective than Copper Sulfate

  • In a clinical trial, Hoof Zink completely inhibited all three heel wart-causing strains of Treponema at 5% and 10% footbath solutions

Better efficacy than Copper against heel warts

  • In a 2,800 head dairy field trial, after switching from Copper to Hoof Zink, heel wart incidence was reduced by 36%

High levels Copper Sulfate can have irreversible negative effects on plants and soil

  • Stunts plant growth
  • Causes necrosis
  • Impairs root growth
  • Causes crop death
  • Toxic to soil microorganisms
  • Reduces soil fertility

Hoof Zink contains zinc

  • A necessary plant micronutrient
  • Beneficial to plant growth
  • Plants can tolerate 2x more zinc versus copper
  • Plants remove 2-10x more zinc than copper
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