Healthy Cow HCC-007 ProPreg Introductory Starter Kit [White] (360 ct)


Healthy Cow HCC-007 ProPreg Introductory Starter Kit [White] (360 ct)

ProPreg is a probiotic gel containing three beneficial Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) that are naturally occurring in the reproductive tract of healthy cows. When administered intravaginally to a cow before and after calving, these beneficial bacteria help restore and maintain a healthy and balanced reproductive environment. Two doses of ProPreg before calving preps and primes the microbiome to prepare the cow for calving. With two doses after calving ProPreg helps repair and restore the vaginal microbiome so that they thrive through transition. Every full pull of the trigger (2-clicks) delivers one 10cc dose of ProPreg gel. Sick fresh cows are hard on your wallet and can cost a dairy over $500 a cow. It's better to minimize health challenges than to treat them after they happen. It takes just two clicks of ProPreg to get cows off to fresh start. 

The kit includes 360 ProPreg tubes, an instruction manual, two ProPreg applicator guns, three applicator tips and connectors, one spray bottle and one tub of hydrogen peroxide wipes. 

Directions to use: ProPreg is administered into the vaginal canal through a flexible applicator tube that is connected to a ProPreg cartridge that fits into an applicator. You will want to restrain the cow, wear clean gloves and ensure the vulva is clean and dry.

1. Prepare ProPreg
•Place ProPreg cartridge in gun and lock in place.
•Remove cap and replace with applicator tip.
•Prime gel to end of applicator tip.

2. Apply ProPreg
•Insert applicator tip past vulva, not to exceed flexible junction of tube.
•Administer 10 cc (2 clicks) of product.
•Slowly withdrawal applicator.
•Clean and sanitize applicator with 0.9% hydrogen peroxide between uses.

Recommended use:
•Before calving: ProPreg preps and primes the reproductive tract with beneficial bacteria to prepare the cow for calving.
•After calving: When ProPreg is used after calving, it helps to repair and heal the reproductive tract by restoring a healthy reproductive microbiome.


Healthy Cow HCC-007 ProPreg Introductory Starter Kit [White] (360 ct) Highlights:

  • SKU: 28082
  • Manufacturer: Healthy Cow 
  • Color: White
  • Count: 360
  • No meat or milk withdrawal period due to GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients 
  • A compelling cost effective intravaginal probiotic making it ideal for use in heifers and adult cows
  • Supports on-farm antibiotic stewardship initiatives to reduce the usage of antibiotics and disinfectants
  • Each 300cc cartridge contains a minimum of 28 doses 


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