Dairy Division

The Armor Dairy Division has a selection of over 8,000 animal health products and livestock supplies. We have a dedicated sales team that stretches from coast to coast that have an invested interest in helping your farm thrive, today and in the future. Many of our dairy sales team members grew up on dairy farms and some still farm or work on dairy farms today. They understand your business, because they live it, every day.

The team ensures you are receiving top-notch service through their regular visits, phone calls and communications; keeping you up to date on the newest products, promotions and services that Armor can offer. The Dairy team provides seasonal product reminders, confirming that your farm and animals are ready for what is ahead.

Working side by side with our on-staff veterinarians, the sales team can assist in getting your questions answered on anything related to the health of your animals and the profitability of your farm. The collaborative approach guarantees you are receiving the best information to help you make the necessary decisions on your farm.

Armor’s Inventory Management System (AIM) may be an option for your dairy. A simple check-in, check-out process allows to save money on excess supplies and slow-moving items, cut back on stock-outs and manage inventory before products expire. The system automates the ordering process to improve accuracy and save time. You are also able to gather insights into potential animal health issues with product usage reports and verify and enforce protocols are being followed with the staff reports. The barcoded shelf labels allow for your supply room to stay organized, allowing you to find the product you need in seconds rather than minutes.

We are competitively priced and honor all manufacturer contract pricing. By purchasing all your animal heath supplies from one source it simplifies purchasing and in turn saves you time and money.

The Armor Animal Health staff is available to assist you in choosing the best solutions for your animals.

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