Cow Octane Pouch [10 lb.]

Unique formula improves fluid intake. Dextrose helps improve cow’s well-being by helping increase alertness. Replenishes electrolytes for cattle under stress. Gets yeast into the rumen during stressful periods, aiding in the process of getting cattle back to normal.

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Contains min 5%/max 6% calcium, min 11.5%/max 13.5% salt, 1.2% magnesium, 10% potassium and 100,000 IU/lb vitamin A.

Directions: Mix 1 lb in 5 gallons water and offer free choice or mix with 2.5 gallons water for drenching. Feed once daily for 1-3 days as needed. May also be fed as a top-dress or a part of total mixed ration at 1 lb per head per day.
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