Calf Jacket Economy [XL]

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Calf Jacket Economy [XL]

Calf Jacket provides your newborn and young calves with a layer of warmth and protection during chilly temperatures. Double-insulated thickness with water-resistant outer shell provides protection against the elements. Designed with durable buckle closures (not Velcro) around the chest and under the hind legs. Thick, superior quality, adjustable elastic straps around the hind legs. Large chest buckle with two-smaller buckles in the back. Calf Jackets are ideal for the first 6 to 8 weeks after the calf is born. Large size is ideal for Holstein and crossbred calves.

Lay blanket over the calf’s back and buckle front closure buckles. Thread back straps between back legs and around to buckle. Adjust straps, tight enough to prevent blanket slippage or entanglement but loose enough so it does not impede calf movement. Outer shell is water-resistant nylon, with insulated quilted interior. Leg straps are adjustable and elastic, front closure is velcro allowing a snug comfortable fit for growing calves. For warmer, drier, healthier calves, a calf jacket should always be at hand to provide a barrier against wet bedding, drafts, and cold air, allowing the calf to put its energy into growth.

When using calf jackets as another level of protection for your calves, a commonly used rule of thumb is to put jackets on calves when the ground is frozen. We are all aware of the temperature swings that can occur in Pennsylvania during the winter months. Therefore, on those days that see higher temperature spikes, jackets may need to be removed during the day to prevent the calf from getting too warm and sweating under the blanket. If the calf is sweating during the day, that damp calf will get chilled once the temperatures begin to fall at night. Sweating followed by chilling will negate the purpose of the jacket. In addition to monitoring temperature swings, the actual jacket should be monitored at least once a week to make sure that the jacket straps do not need to be adjusted to accommodate the growing calf. Leg straps can quickly become too tight and dig into the back legs of calves, easily causing open sores where straps can cut into the legs. Remember that putting a jacket on a newborn calf is not a once and done action, it requires monitoring as the calf grows and as the weather conditions change.

Available in sizes, small Jersey (30"), regular Holstein (36") and XL Holstein (38").

Calf Jacket Economy [XL] Highlights:

  • SKU: 13456
  • Manufacturer: Stephen S. Stoltzfus
  • Machine washable
  • Reusable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Layer of warmth and protection against cold temperatures
  • Quick-release buckles for easy on and off; no Velcro
  • Available in sizes, small Jersey (30"), regular Holstein (36") and XL Holstein (38")
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