Animix 103B Bio-Mos [11.2 Ib]

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Bio-Mos® [11.2 lb.]

Bio-mos Milk Pak all natural stable supplement for livestock containing phosphorylated mannan oligosaccharide derived from the cell wall of a limited strain of yeast. Bio-Mos Milk Pak is a source of Mannan Oligosaccarides that have the ability to bind with disease-causing bacteria. The bacteria attach to the Bio-Mos instead of attaching to the gut wall of the calf, reducing disease challenges to the calf and increasing the immune function. Bio-Mos Milk Pak can be used as a natural alternative to antibiotics to control gram negative bacteria. Directions For Use Calves: Add 1 scoop (3.6 grams) of Bio-Mos Milk Pak into milk replacer per calf per feeding (2 times daily). One pail of Bio-Mos Milk will treat 11 calves for 60 days. (Scoop Included)

Maintaining suspension in liquid, Alltech's trademark technology is formulated to feed the gastrointestinal tract, support gut integrity and promote overall performance during calf development. Derived from a select strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, Bio-Mos® promotes good bacteria and builds natural defenses to maximize profitability.

A feed supplement derived from a specific strain of yeast that improves gastrointestinal health, which is critical for animal nutrition and performance. Approved for use in organic operations, Bio-Mos binds to disease, preventing bacteria from binding to the calf’s gut. Promotes good gut health for improved weaning weights, calf health, and reduced stress.

Bio-Mos® [11.2 lb.] Highlights: 

  • SKU: 10739
  • Manufacturer: Animix Llc
  • Assists in dispensing gram-negative bacteria
  • Improves the calf's balance of intestinal bacteria
  • Available in 25k water soluable and 11.2 lb milkpak.
  • Maintains post-weaning growth and development
  • A source of Mannan Oligosaccarides with the ability to bind disease - causing bacteria.
  • Formula mixes easily into milk and milk replacers for easy feeding.
  • Organic approved feed supplement to promote gut health increasing overall health of the calf, improved weight gain, and lowered economic losses from treating sick animals.
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SKU 10739
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