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Detect - When you’re having a hard time describing a situation on your farm, chances are we know what you’re talking about before you finish your sentence. We’ve been there, we’ve used the products and we consult with our veterinarian staff for best advice. When you’re not sure which cattle vaccine to use or what implants for your herd, we can help.

Defend - Working beside our experienced sales team is a group of veterinarians and a diagnostic lab who are ready to assist you in pinpointing the products and services you need to get your cattle ready for market. In fact, if you’re looking for ways to improve quality in cattle weight while also saving money, contact our professional team for best practices on vaccination and deworming program, nutrition, lab testing and more.

Deliver - Whether you need to establish a on farm visit (veterinary-client-patient-relationship - VCPR) so you can purchase cattle prescriptions or you simply need to buy fencing supplies, we deliver. If you already have a great relationship with a local veterinarian, we can take some of the load off their shoulders by filling their prescribed products and shipping them direct to their clinic or your farm. We want you to get the right products at the right time to help your herd and lifestyle thrive.


Featured Product of the Month

The Pyramid® and Presponse® vaccine families protect cattle from respiratory disease by providing broad coverage against the primary viruses and bacteria that contribute to bovine respiratory disease complex.

For the vaccination of healthy dairy or beef cattle as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by bovine rhinotracheitis, bovine virus diarrhea (BVD) Type 1, bovine parainfluenza 3, and bovine respiratory syncytial virus.
It aids in the reduction of severity of pneumonic pasteurellosis caused by Mannheimia haemolytica. This product aids in the prevention of persistent BVD Type l and Type ll infection of the fetal calf when it is used subcutaneously in the cow or heifer 30 to 60 days pre-breedding.
This vaccine may be used in pregnant cows or calves nursing pregnant cows provided the cows were vaccinated pre-breeding, according to label instructions, with Pyramid 5, Pyramid 10, or Pyramid 2 + Type ll BVD. This product contains BVD Types l and ll.

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Turnout Time is Fast Approaching

Spring is fast approaching and it will soon be time to turn your cattle out to pasture. Armor Animal Health is ready to assist your operation this season. Shop online for all your turnout needs.

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