ADAPTARAP™ Dissolvable Hoof Wrap (Blue/Green) [5", 3 ct]

A new multipolymer footwrap bandage that supports the resolution of hoof lesions and, as part of an overall management regime, helps contribute to a reduction in lameness in the herd and the maintenance of healthy hooves. It's safe, dissolves, adapts and is biodegradable.

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The multipolymer construction gives the footwrap a unique feel like plastic and the non-elastic nature ensures a close fit as slight pressure can be applied during wrapping of the foot without increasing the risk of pressure wounds. Helps ensure a minimum amount of contact time between the treatment and the skin, with the footwrap dissolving between 2 hrs and five days from application (moisture determines the rate at which it dissolves). The product is completely biodegradable so there is zero accumulation of residues and removes concerns about it blocking or wrapping manure handling equipment.
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